Oregon City project being built to serve.

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–Article from DJC Oregon, by Josh Kulla A new development in Oregon City will provide affordable housing for military veterans struggling with low-wage employment and even homelessness. Known for now as Pleasant Avenue Veterans Housing – it will be named … Read More

We Will Floor You.

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Floor cassettes are emerging as an efficient way to build flooring in timber framed structures – from detached dwellings to multi-story residential construction up to three levels and even higher. Prefabricated floor cassettes are manufactured off-site at our plant in … Read More

Why more buildings should be made of wood

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It is better for the planet, and safer than you think THE SECOND little pig was unlucky. He built his house from sticks. It was blown away by a huffing, puffing wolf, which promptly gobbled him up. His brother, by … Read More

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