Floor cassettes have proven to be an efficient way to build flooring in timber framed structures - from detached dwellings to multi-story residential construction - up to five levels and going higher as the industry becomes further educated on the value of wood components and their structural benefits. Your floor cassettes are manufactured at our plant in a controlled environment, which allows a higher degree of accuracy, consistency and quality to be achieved.

Once delivered to your site, cranes are used to lift the cassettes into position to create a complete working platform in a matter of hours, taking weeks off your construction schedule.




Come fly with us. From our plant to your site, floor cassettes just made the job go faster and easier. Done and done.

Posted by Pacific Wall Systems on Sunday, December 30, 2018

"We set 31 floor panels in 6 hours with some beams. There were no problems setting the panels - everything went together really nicely." -- Dennis Schlegel, Superindendent, Cahill Contractors ● Camino 23 Project, Oakland, CA