Responsible building.


Methods for Efficiency At Pacific Wall Systems, Inc., we pride ourselves in using, reusing, and repurposing lumber. We believe in the full circle concept when it comes to utilizing our raw materials. We appreciate lumber as a renewable resource- none of it needs to be wasted. Here’s how we do it: 1) Lumber is ordered and delivered to our plant (see attached bill of materials). 2) The job is cut according to the shared electronic file sent to the lines from the design department. Leftover “fall off” lumber is then cut down and used as blocking or backing to be used on current or future jobs. Pieces that are less than 12’’ are cut for shipping shoes and pieces smaller than 6’’ are donated to the community for personal heat or sent to Biomass, our local energy plant, to be burned into electricity. 3) Leftover plywood scrap and OSB are also used in shipping dunnage (shoes), and “piecing around openings” which allows us to use these smaller pieces. In short, we are dedicated to using 100% of our lumber material, and contributing 0% to the landfill clog. Utilizing wall panel technology makes the above possible by building multiple wood structures at one location. With on-site stick framing, the unused materials typically end up in the landfill.