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We Will Floor You.

Floor cassettes are emerging as an efficient way to build flooring in timber framed structures – from detached dwellings to multi-story residential construction up to three levels and even higher.
Prefabricated floor cassettes are manufactured off-site at our plant in a controlled environment, which allows a higher degree of accuracy, consistency and quality to be achieved.
Once delivered to the site cranes are used to lift the cassettes into position to create a complete working platform in a matter of hours, taking days off the construction schedule.

Why more buildings should be made of wood


It is better for the planet, and safer than you think

THE SECOND little pig was unlucky. He built his house from sticks. It was blown away by a huffing, puffing wolf, which promptly gobbled him up. His brother, by contrast, built a wolf-proof house from bricks. The fairy tale could have been written by a flack for the construction industry, which strongly favours brick, concrete and steel. However, in the real world it would help reduce pollution and slow global warming if more builders copied the wood-loving second pig.